Sherwood of Salisbury Jeep Renegade Buying Experience

I seldom do reviews of a buying experience because I don’t like to say anything bad about a person or place. However, in my recent experience in buying a new Jeep Renegade Sport from Sherwood of Salisbury there are only good things to share. I traded in my 2012 Wrangler that I had purchased new from (another dealer) on this brand new Renegade.

Renegade from Sherwood of Salisbury Jeep

It is the Jeep Renegade Sport with 6-speed, Upgraded Sound Group w/ Bluetooth, the Power and Air group and a Backup camera as the only options – exactly what I wanted. (I’ll eventually have more and better pictures.)

Although I loved my Wrangler I became interested in the Renegade when Jeep began advertising them. I even test drove one shortly after their release back in the Spring. I did the test at the dealer where I had purchased my Wrangler 3 1/2 years ago. I was not ready to buy at that time but I told the salesperson and manager that I might be ready by late summer. I never received any follow-up from them (which is very surprising).

Meanwhile I was contacted by a marketing person from Sherwood about bringing in my Jeep Compass for an appraisal because they had someone interested in buying a model like mine. Heh – it’s my wife’s car, she loves it, so do I, it’s almost paid off – so, sorry, no deal. I mentioned that I drive a Wrangler. “Oh, I’m sure we have a buyer for that, too.” Long-story-short (I know, too late), I coordinated a sales visit with a needed service visit for an oil change. That was my only mistake.***

I met Don (no last name, for privacy reasons) and my first impression was that he was a “good guy” and had a lot of product knowledge. In the case of the Renegade, being a brand new model release, product knowledge is important. We did some looking and tire kicking and took one for a test drive. Impressive? Yes, impressive enough that let Don have a trade appraisal done on my three and a half year old Wrangler Sport with 32,800 miles.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that Wranglers do not hold their value. The appraisal on mine was considerably more than I thought it would be. So I immediately bought my new Renegade – NOT. No, sorry, not today. Yes, it is a great trade offer, but I need to “sleep on it” and do some of my own research on the new car. And it’s good that I did.

As Paul Harvey used to say, “Stay tuned for the Rest Of The Story.”





*** Mistake? I should have visited the Sherwood Jeep sales department before the service department – because I basically “wasted” the $43 I spent on the oil change. LOL 🙂



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Omaha Orange Jeep Renegade from Sherwood of Salisbury

Uh, oh. Somebody traded their Wrangler on a new “baby Jeep” – a new Renegade in Omaha Orange. Can you tell I like bright colors? 🙂

In three and a have years of enjoying the Wrangler Sport I had never put in in low range. I’m not into rock crawling like my son is with his Jeep Rubicon. I actually wanted something fully capable of hitting the beach in Delaware or Maryland but have a more comfortable and quieter ride. I purchased it at Sherwood of Salisbury, a multi-line dealer, from their Chrysler – Jeep – Dodge – Ram showroom. This was our second Jeep purchase there and we have been highly satisfied both times.

Here is a “dash shot” showing the numbers after we brought it home. I did a lengthy test drive and then put on another 40 miles before we got it garaged at home.

Jeep Renegade Instrument PanelColors are important to some people and I tend to like “bright” cars. Some of that is because I run a popular beach travel site and I also do art photography. I’ve owned a yellow Wrangler and a Gecko (bright margarite green) Wrangler and now an “Omaha Orange” Renegade.

Omaha Orange Jeep Renegade from Sherwood of SalisburyMore to come as I get used to my new ride. 🙂



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Easy Clean

I noted on a forum post recently someone asking about how to clean their Honda Rebel. He was inquiring about “waterless” cleaners. I wondered why – because a well built motorcycle is supposed to be able to handle the elements. Right?

One person responded that he uses a bucket of soapy water and a sponge. And washes it that way, similar to washing a car. I agree – except that (so far) I haven’t used soap. Here’s what I had responded in that forum thread:

I “mist” my Rebel (and V-Star) with a mist setting on my hose nozzle – then wipe/dry everything with a towel.

I haven’t had to use any polish or wax – yet*. My bikes are fortunate enough to “live” in a garage and I haven’t ridden them in rain or on wet pavement (so far). And I do ride – about 5K miles in my first year – since I “upgraded” from a 150 Scooter.

Heh – but then I deleted that post. I thought it might be better (for me) to post it here. 🙂

* I purchased both of my gently used bikes from local dealers. They were both very low mileage (1500 and 7500), were completely serviced and very well detailed before I rode away.

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Buy OEM Motorcycle Parts Online to Save Time and Money

Why OEM? I consider OEM parts an important part of maintenance because they are what the engineers designed for my bike(s) and are generally considered to be the safest way to go. Where I live there are two dealers about 30 miles away. One is a Honda (motorsports) Dealer (Horner Honda) and the other, Delmarva Power Sports, has all the other major brands. They are located in Salisbury, Maryland, on the same highway (Salisbury Blvd, Ocean Hwy, Business 13) about two miles apart. While they carry the most sought-after OEM parts they can’t carry everything. And because I have both a Honda and a Yamaha I need to visit two different stores. The “next closest” stores are each 60+ miles away.

They can order whatever you need – and you can wait. Or you can order online and wait – but probably for less time.

Note, please – FTC Disclaimer here: should you click the following link and make a purchase I may earn a small commission for the referral.

Save Time and Money Buying Genuine OEM Parts at Chaparral

Chaparrel Motorsports, a well-known – and very popular – online supplier has OEM parts for the following brands: Can-Am, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Kymco, Polaris, Suzuki, Victory and Yamaha. And, what I really like is that they have “exploded” parts diagrams for the individual parts, assemblies, or sub-assemblies you need. This illustration is a screen shot showing how I can find the part number to replace the gasket for the taillight on my 2007 V-Star 650 Custom.

OEM Parts Diagram Yamaha V-Star Tail LightSo if you buy online there is a good chance you will get what you need in less time and you will save money because of (possibly) lower prices and you won’t be using gasoline. An added advantage is that you may not have to pay sales tax. Check out Chaparral Motorsports today.

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