Jeep Slogans: It’s a Jeep thing, etc.

Yes, it really is a Jeep thing. At least for many of the jeep owners I know, it is. How about our family? Sure – my wife (Jeep Compass), my son (Wrangler Rubicon), my niece’s family (Jeep Wrangler Unlimited) and me (Wrangler Sport). As I was deciding whether or not to pull the trigger on my used WranglerI kept getting F/B posts with different recommendations, including slogans and sayings, about owning and driving a Jeep.

So I found a few more…online…in a variety of places…

  • I live. I ride. I am. Jeep. (current company slogan)
  • It’s a Jeep thing.
  • Only in a Jeep.
  • It’s hip to be square.
  • Just Empty Every Pocket.
  • It’s not leaking – it’s marking its territory.
  • Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.
  • It’s fun to go topless.
  • Yes, I have a Jeep.
  • Toughest four letter word on wheels…
  • Jeep Cherokee: A hero in every one.
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